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1st Annual Adidas South Florida Super Cup Showcase

South Florida Super Cup cordially invites you and your club to participate in the 1st Annual Adidas South Florida Super Cup Showcase for boys U15 – U18. December 18-21, 2015. The ASFSC Showcase will be a great tournament for teams preparing for Disney Showcase, teams that were not accepted, or team simply looking to play a high-level, quality tournament. Teams expected from all across Florida.

The tournament will make every effort to bring college coaches to the event.

The tournament will guarantee four games at the appropriate regulation time length for each age group. U15-U16 (80 min) and U17-U18 (90 min). Referee fees are included in registration. One game scheduled per day.

The Adidas South Florida Super Cup Showcase is sanctioned by the Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) and is open to all US Soccer members (US Club Soccer, AYSO, USSSA).

What is the next best thing after playing a soccer game? Watching it on video! Relive the game with your friends and family. Analize with the coaches what went well and what needs to improve. Keep memories for a lifetime! Get a highlight if you are serious about your soccer career.

We will be videotaping all games of the 1st Annual Adidas South Florida Super Cup Showcase. The games will be available online to the teams that purchase the package within 24 hours. The videos will be delivered on a YouTube Play list and/or available to download through DropBox. A sample is available below.

Questions? Email us at or call us at 786 537 0247.

Team Package - 4 games for $250
Teams with a * have 3 games recorded. Please contact us if interested.
About us

We have been doing sports video in South Florida for over sevens years, primarily for rugby. Now we want to bring to soccer all the good things that video provides to players, coaches, families and fans, through high quality filming that is available within 24 hours of the games.





Doral Soccer Club vs White West Pines United (U12) - 5.10.2015